Film Floors

Protection Service



Established in 2015 Film Floors is a New York based location protection company for film/video, photo, & events

Our highly trained techs will come in prior to your crew call and install flooring.

 flooring is easy to use, waterproof, sound dampening, convenient, and re-usable.

Who are we?

 New York Location Managers for close to 2 decades we understand what is needed to protect a location for an incoming crew while providing comfort and safety.

"There will NEVER be another shoot in this building unless you guys are protecting it!."
Friar's Club NYC
Director of Friar's Club
"Hi Josh & Nate. Thanks for the shoot last week Film Floors took care of our ancient hardwood floors and Chris did a great job protecting the house and keeping the neighbors happy. See you on the next one."
Ditmas Park Homeowner
"Your guys did a great job on the protection. The two guys that came in on the day were great. Everyone you employ is great!"
Location Manager

Contact Info:

Josh Shull – [email protected]

Nate Shull – [email protected]